Using Free Images and Photos on Your Website

Dog with cameraWhy use images on your website? Does it help your readers or distract them? Here’s five solid reasons to include pictures. Information on where to find those invaluable free images and photos will follow next week.

1. Make your website memorable.

Do you recall infographics and its rightful claim to fame, namely, keeping the reader reading with interesting graphics? Pictures and images do the same thing, adding an element of visual appeal that mere text alone cannot do. Besides this, we remember pictures easier than we do words. Research on visual mnemonics shows us that we are capable of tremendous memory storage using images.

“Every picture tells a story, don’t it?”

2. Give your website personality.

Using pictures will help evoke an emotional response from readers. It allows people to remember you and want to build a relationship with you. Content alone is a strong tool in relationship building, but adding images, particularly personal ones, will make for happier browsers. Where possible use photos of your staff, your facility, your product, and your customers.

4. Boost your Search Engine Results

Using pictures will improve your search results in Google image searches. Not only should you pay attention to using the right keywords, be sure to use relevant images to increase your search rankings.

Is Your Website “Sticky”?

5. Keep your readers longer.

The first thing your reader will see is the image. A photo of a pygmy giraffe, for example, will make them curious and compel them to remain on your site longer. The last thing they see, if your content continues to appeal, will be the bottom of the page.  Give your readers what they want so they’ll stick around longer.

Remember, always be sure to check the permissions for terms of use for every image. There may be exceptions or limitations.

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