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Video Tutorials

WordPress Tutorial – Media Center

The WordPress Media Center.: how to upload, scale, crop and post images to your posts and pages.


WordPress Tutorial #3 – How to insert a link

This morning I had two different clients ask how to insert a link in the text on the WordPress website.  This short video demonstrates how to insert a link to other pages within your website and to a web address outside of your website.


10-Minute WordPress Tutorial #2

This tutorial is for beginners just learning how to add pages to their WordPress website. Topics include adding a page, copying text into the page, adding a text widget to the sidebar, and adding a menu item using the custom menu feature. The demonstration site in this tutorial has the Enterprise /Gensis Theme by Studiopress […]


10-Minute WordPress Tutorial #1

This is the first in a series of video tutorials I have planned about managing your WordPress website.  This video will cover basic dashboard navigation with relation to how to add and edit a post.


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