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Client Testimonials

PTI Industries Inc.

Web Savvy Marketers takes care of everything for us — blogging, website updates, e-newsletters, and strategic inbound marketing — so we don’t have to. Plus, they save us a lot of money. They continually tweak our marketing and advertising programs so our marketing dollars produce better results.

Sirois Tool

Web Savvy Marketers saves us tremendous amounts of time. As a small business owner who is concerned with every detail of business, including insurance, healthcare, personnel, every aspect of operations, working with Web Savvy allows us to focus on running our company.

Atlas Stamping

The CTmrg division of Web Savvy Marketers introduced us to a program that allowed us to invest in our company by using grant money. …Thanks to CTmrg, we are able to move our business to the next level.”

Recent Website Work


No-Worries E-commerce Website

Triton_Marine_pf Version 2.0. Worked with client to develop more robust content and upgraded the website theme to a responsive design.


A complete rebuild, including the redesign of Atlas Stamping’s logo.

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The Basics of Copyright Infringement

Even your first drafts are protected by copyright law — whether or not it’s published, registered, or marked with a copyright symbol. Whenever someone creates something and puts it into a fixed form, such as in paper, software, recording, or online, they own the copyright of the creation.