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Recent Website Work


A complete rebuild, including the redesign of Atlas Stamping’s logo.


A new updated WordPress website designed for Lyco, Inc., a long time customer of Web Savvy Marketers. We had designed their original website several years ago.

Lynn Damon Photographic Artist website

The website for Lynn A. Damon Photographic Artist includes a portfolio section and a virtual tour of Lynn’s studio.


Recent Web Savvy Blog Posts

What Your Profile Picture Says About You

How you represent yourself online professionally is an important piece to your overall appearance on social media. Your LinkedIn profile picture, or any image meant for professional use, should make a good first impression.


How To Be More Likable

Because the majority of people spend most of their time at work, how to be more likable at work is a popular focus for improvement. Try these 5 ways and see what your likability meter reads.


How to Create a Presentation That Counts

According to Seth Godin, there are, as far as I can tell, three types of presenters. Good Entertainers, Bad Entertainers, and Change-makers. You can choose to use one of these methods in the same way you choose to live your life.