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Recent Website Work


A new updated WordPress website designed for Lyco, Inc., a long time customer of Web Savvy Marketers. We had designed their original website several years ago.

Lynn Damon Photographic Artist website

The website for Lynn A. Damon Photographic Artist includes a portfolio section and a virtual tour of Lynn’s studio.

Quantum Insights Website

Fresh design for Market Research Company features customized WordPress theme. Online Blackjack Expert can tell you where the best blackjack sites are online. This is the best and quickest way that you can get started […]


Recent Web Savvy Blog Posts

7 Reasons Instagram Tops Twitter

Instagram is taking over the social media stratosphere and is fast becoming the go-to image sharing site. But if it doesn’t stay focused on ways to continue to top Twitter and other social sharing sites, it could fall into similar downfall.


5 More Marketing No-No’s

In continuation of our previous 5 Online Marketing No-No’s, here are five more marketing mistakes to avoid. Like the wise business person you are, be sure to check this list and revamp any marketing mistakes into nonexistence.


5 Online Marketing No-No’s

Knowing what not to do as you step out into the internet world can be helpful. The following five online marketing no-no’s are practices you want to avoid.