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Recent Website Work


A new updated WordPress website designed for Lyco, Inc., a long time customer of Web Savvy Marketers. We had designed their original website several years ago. Online Blackjack Expert can tell you where the best […]

Lynn Damon Photographic Artist website

The website for Lynn A. Damon Photographic Artist includes a portfolio section and a virtual tour of Lynn’s studio.

Quantum Insights Website

Fresh design for Market Research Company features customized WordPress theme.


Recent Web Savvy Blog Posts

7 Reasons Instagram Tops Twitter

Instagram is taking over the social media stratosphere and is fast becoming the go-to image sharing site. But if it doesn’t stay focused on ways to continue to top Twitter and other social sharing sites, it could fall into similar downfall.


5 More Marketing No-No’s

In continuation of our previous 5 Online Marketing No-No’s, here are five more marketing mistakes to avoid. Like the wise business person you are, be sure to check this list and revamp any marketing mistakes into nonexistence.


5 Online Marketing No-No’s

Knowing what not to do as you step out into the internet world can be helpful. The following five online marketing no-no’s are practices you want to avoid.