Introducing Rockin’ Kacee

Kacee Erhard
"Rockin" Kacee Erhard

We’re  excited to have Rockin’ Kacee Erhard blogging for us.  Kacee will be blogging about any web related applications, marketing news and information that we think may benefit our client base. If you have any questions or topics you would like Kacee to research and write about, please leave a comment below. Kacee will write about anything you ask her to write about (within reason–she’s already covered pygmy giraffes).

Kacee says…

It’s a writing thing. And it’s dogged me like any hungry animal will do until it’s fed. So, I compose in my head the events of the day, words strewn in my mind’s eye in an almost obsessive compulsion. These crumbs, along with journaling, have kept the beasts at bay while raising a family, but the cracks in my exterior were beginning to grow. When my friend, Beth, suggested a writing proposition for Web Savvy Marketers, I instinctively turned to the hounds and offered myself up.

I’m Kacee Erhard, and I’m a compulsive writer. May these blogs be a source of information and good cheer.