Iwearyourshirt.com: genius use of social media

I’ve always been fascinated by the Iwearyourshirt.com guy’s business plan.  He’s been around a couple of years now, and, in a nutshell, he wears your company t-shirts for a living.  When he started a couple of years ago, his pricing structure was $1.00 for January 1 and each day the cost to have him wear your shirt was $1 more.   So to have him where your shirt on the 350th day of the year would have been $350 for the day.  For your money, he wears your shirt all day, posts videos of him wearing your shirt on YouTube, uploads photos of him wearing your shirt to Flickr, Tweets, posts on Facebook and sends emails about wearing shirts.

He’s very creative and has become quite successful in the last couple of years.  Last year he added another guy so there were 2 people wearing your shirt and doing the videos and social networks so the price increased to $2.oo on January 1 and increasing $2.00 each day.

This year he’s already sold out through April and that’s at a $5.00 starting rate because this year he plans to have five people wearing your shirt.  He’s currently accepting video applications via his website, so if you’re looking for an interesting job or if you want his team to wear your shirt, head on over to http://iwearyourshirt.com/.


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    Funny you ask. When I first heard about this gig sometime back I woke up one night trying to calculate in my head how much he was pulling in. After getting nowhere with my mental calculations, I got up and queried Google. That brought me to http://betterexplained.com/articles/techniques-for-adding-the-numbers-1-to-100/

    Sum from 1 to n = {n(n+1)}/2

    Using that formula (if my calculations are correct) he pulled $66795 in his first year when the cost increased by $1 each day. Given that each day sold.